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There are already numerous solar energy products on the market that facilitate the energy of the sun's light. Some of them serve more as curiosities - either they do something we don't really need or the same can be done better and cheaper using classical technologies.

However, many solar powered products perform amazingly well making their classical equivalents look ancient and outdated.

On these pages we have collected information on interesting solar applications as they are sold by various vendors. The pages comprise the original (sometimes summarized) product description but also a personal comment that may be helpful in your decision making process - if you consider purchasing some of these or related solar energy products.

Here is a summary of the different product categories:

Click to view solar panels, flexible solar modules, charge controllers and batteries

Solar panels: Solar panels (= solar modules) are essentially an assembly of many solar cells encapsulated behind a glass plate mounted in an aluminum frame for better protection and handling.

Only recently became available solar panels which are flexible. These facilitate compact transport (when rolled into a tube), lighter weight (no Al frame), no cells that can break (e.g. when dropped) and often easier installation, especially on non-plane surfaces, such as boats or round buildings.

Here you will find solar panels from various distributors, as well as charge controllers, that ensure optimal charging at all weather/light conditions, batteries and other related products.

Click to view solar chargers and a selection of functional and fun solar gadgets

Solar chargers & solar gadgets: Chargers are solar panels of a suitable size that come with all accessories (plugs, cables, adapter) ready to charge a certain type of battery (car, notebook...) and/or directly power a small application, such as a mobile phone or mp3 player. They usually don't have nor need a charge controller or monitor.

On this page you will find various types of solar chargers as well as other functional and fun applications (solar gadgets), such as solar powered radios, solar driveway monitors, solar fans, watches, scales and even a complete solar powered weather station.

Click to view solar garden products, solar fountains and solar pool items

Solar garden & pool products: Your garden is a great play or showground for modern solar energy products. Show the world (friends, visitors, neighbours) how functional, smart and beatiful many solar products are! We have selected all products below with these goals and a reasonable price in mind.

You will find a versatile selection of solar fountains (floating, cascading, lighted), bird feeders, the popular solar moler, even a solar mower - as well as heating and purifying products for your outdoor pool.

Click to view solar lights and lighting products
Solar lights: Solar powered lights are very useful because they need no cables or power plugs. Therefore they can easily be placed anywhere inside the house or in the garden. During the day i.e. while the sky is bright solar cells charge their batteries.

Virtually all solar lights nowadays switch their light on when their surroundings get dark. The drawback compared to conventional lights is that their light shines (typically) weaker - especially when they are called "accent" lights. However, all of them will add visibility and therefore security to your home, garden or driveway - and even more so, add athmosphere.

Click to view solar ovens and solar outdoor products
Solar outdoors products: Solar powered products are especially suited for outdoors, camping and RVs in longer journeys or generally for application at more remote places.

Our selected list of product ranges from solar ovens, RV solar electric systems and ventilation fans to mosquito guards, emergency lights & radios, solar heated water showers and purifiers.

Click to view educational solar products and solar toys
Educational & solar toys: Playing and learning should be the same thing. The kits chosen in this category do exactly that; introducing friendly clean modern (solar) technology, important principles of science in a fun and interactive way. Take your pick!
Click to view solar books, videos and magazines
Solar energy books: The better informed you are, the faster you will be able to get the most out of your solar system. Acquire not only the basic knowledge but many invaluable tricks and secrets by learning from other people's solar experience.

Or stay up to date - or ahead - of the "crowd" by subscribing to a monthly magazine. The solar market has been growing faster than the computer business in the last ten years and this is only the beginning!
Click to view solar powered gift ideas

Solar gifts: Solar energy stands for future, environmentally friendly energy, high-tech semiconductor technology, efficiency, silence and education. Think of it - you can pack all that into a single smart and useful Christmas, birthday or wedding gift!

We have picked a selection of solar products from the other categories which we think would make an unusual great gift for most people. Or surprise with a gift certificate!

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If you know of new and exciting solar powered products, please send us a link or at least a description, and we will include it in the solar shop & products review. Any kind of comments are welcome.

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